Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse from June 5/6, 2020 

The Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse falls at 15 degrees Sagittarius with the Sun at 15 degrees Gemini. The Lunar eclipse is around 9:13 PM CET and can be seen partly in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in much of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America.

It is not so much the influence of the Lunar eclipse or the Full Moon itself that now heralds profound events, A Full Moon gives a conclusion and the theme is entirely dedicated to relationships and cooperation.
Because of the many Retrograde planets, it is a rounding of things that have to do with old pain and disappointments. Venus, the planet of love is also involved, because Venus is not far from the Sun. Mercury as well, for Mercury, the planet of trade, traffic and communication, stands next to the Node. Moreover, Mercury is slowing down and is going backwards this month. It gives the opportunity to retrospective and relive and experience and see events and people again. As far as the good news, because this Full Moon and Lunar eclipse does pose a danger.
The danger lies in Mars. Mars stands at 15 degrees Pisces exactly square on the Sun and on the Moon, forming half a T-cross. Mars in Pisces is quite weak and creates chaotic situations, disciplinarian attitudes, rebellion, riots, indulgence, irresponsibility and excess. Sometimes also for abuse of power in a very cowardly way. And here are the current situations regarding the riots in America, the arrests and overpowering of the colored population. The show of power and the cowardly manner of overpowering and all the riots that result from it. Governments should now take this whole thing very seriously and get to the bottom of what is going on and punish it very severely, because we have an eight-month-long battle that will be unprecedented and will lead to terrible riots and uprisings; anarchy and looting, and not just in America. Pluto on the Moon of the Birth Horoscope of America is going to cause an incredible amount of hassle and the Netherlands will not be able to get out of this with its Saturn Return with its birth horoscope.

The situation will only get worse with Mars aligned with Neptune and then become unprecedentedly large and fierce, and one can speak of civil uprisings when Mars reaches Chiron and makes squares with the Sun and later the next eight months with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. In addition, in the late summer Mars, eight long months of Retrograde will also run and then move forward again, making things up to date again, but finding a solution. By then, civil wars have been going on in some places, and certain parts of Europe, Japan and America have long since been out of control of the uprisings and looting.

That is why it is important to do good justice now, to severely punish the offenders [police officers], to tolerate demonstrations, but with adjustments and with a peaceful process and not to look away, not for the violence in the case of arrests, but also not for demonstrations that do not up to the national standards with regard to the Corona measures. You can’t measure with double standards, and that’s exactly what Mars does in Pisces; The drug is worse than the ailment. Moreover, Mars is next to Neptune, so there is a lot surrounded by vagueness and gossip and mass hysteria.
If the government knew what was in store for them, they would be more tolerant and flexible about the Corona measures, because the intelligent Lockdown affects the vulnerable target group, and should be tougher and more insisting on peaceful solutions in the demonstrations. You cannot nip a rebellion against the Corona measures in the bud and punish them while letting thousands of people demonstrate together on the Dam with impunity against something that happens in another country, however regrettable.
As long as the government does not recognise the true meaning of the Corona virus, namely that it is precisely the weak target group that needs to be supported and not multinationals like KLM ed, then we will keep this virus. It’s about quality of life, not for a few, but for everyone.

What should be the case for restaurants that had to close for months and can still receive guests while standing on a lump on the dam and not having any access to everything?
This does an intelligent lockdown with people and that is far from intelligent. Better to do nothing or a few weeks everything in everyone in lockdown than this limp bite [again Mars in Pisces]. Far too much is measured with double standards and that is rebelled against.
Watch out for 12/13 June, because that will be an important day that will usher in the eight months.

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